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Metropolis Str. Restaurant

Fira Santorini

Fira Santorini

Welcome to Metropolis Str. Restaurant

Metropolis Str. Restaurant

In the mansion of our family, a 17th-century building on Metropolis Street, just below the metropolitan temple of Fira, in a place that offers the ultimate and unique view of the world’s largest caldera, we created the Metropolis Street Restaurant.The building is a typical example of urban and folk architecture.

The skeleton of the building is made of volcanic stone and “aspa”, a particularly durable volcanic material, used by the old local craftsmen.

The ceilings are made of the rare “groined”, a system of four semicircular arcs, which are joined to the center of each room, while the cave-like auxiliary spaces carry the simplest traditional vaulted ceiling.

Finally, a third volcanic material, the “pumice”, is responsible for perfect insulation, ensuring a constant temperature throughout the year.

At the Metropolis Str. Restaurant, in full view of the caldera, volcano and one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets, you will enjoy fine dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, under the supervision of Chef Christos Vlachos, as well as a wide selection of wines from our rich cellar.

You can also trust us for organizing weddings, birthdays and other events.

In a country with unique history, Greece.
On an island full of energy, Santorini, and in an place with identity, Metropolis Str. Restaurant, moments will become unique and unforgettable.

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